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Dig out your skis, boards, kites and goggles, because it is on!

See you there

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Bighorn Snowkite Summit Success!!!

Thanks again to everyone that made the 2014 Bighorn Snowkite Summit such a success.

Once again, veteran snow kiter and Ozone rider Noah Portiz has captured the essence of this years event.

The 2nd annual Big Horn Snowkite Summit was a high flying success! Without question, the Jackson Hole Kiters have created the premier snowkite event in the Rocky Mountains. Staged in the backcountry of the northern Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, every type of snowkite enthusiast was present at this year’s Summit: beginners flying trainer kites, novices making their first efforts with full sized kites, intermediates sending it for easy boosts, and seasoned air-sport masters flying off the top of Bald Mountain with huge, ridge soaring glides.

The Summit was also historic: Never before in North America have snowcats been engaged to transport kiters from their backcountry lodging to and from the day’s kite spots. This was a huge accomplishment and significant credit goes to our hosts at the Wyoming High Country Lodge. Managers Cheryl and Howard Jones and their staff made a major commitment and provided careful planning to make this year’s Summit a winning combination of lodging, sumptuous food and comfortable accommodations. Recognizing that there was a need for additional beds to accommodate the 60+ kiters, the lodge added a large Mongolian-built ger (yurt) to handle overflow.

When planning an event, one never knows how the weather will affect success. A much needed storm pummeled the Big Horns just prior to the Summit. This snow gave participants a solid base on which to kite. Added to that was a remarkable 7 out of 7 days of wind. Wind, sunshine and powder: Amazing weather guaranteed a successful event!

Our daily routine at the Summit was very special. We would awake to the lodge’s fire-warmed great room, fill up on a huge breakfast, pack our personal lunch and snacks for the day, load one’s snowmobile or pile into the lodge’s snowcat with our kites and boards and migrate out to one of the day’s predetermined kite spots for a day of snowkiting. Day after day of this routine was magical.

Snowkiting has certainly come a long way in North America. The most striking example of this evolution is the flight skills that the most experienced Summit participants brought to the mountains. These kiters are no longer content with small flights off the snow. Skilled pilots were routinely making minute-long, ridge soaring flights. Some brought speed wings, taking advantage of the mountain’s ridge lift, to further their flight times. Every day was a remarkable showcase of mountain flying. In tandem with the daily exhibition of flight, an evening seminar on this sub-set of kiting was covered. Every aspect was dissected and considered.

For those kiters who prefer to stay closer to the snow, the week was full of great riding and plenty of terrain features to session. Many of Bald Mountain’s gullies provided us with natural pipes to challenge our freestyle skills. Small changes in the prevailing wind direction allowed for different parts of Bald Mountain to be exploited for our kiting pleasure. Everyday brought a superb sunset session that was dramatic. All week we watched as the sun would set and an ever growing moon would rise in the east, culminating with a full moon that week. Also like clockwork, the lodge’s snowcat would arrive at the kite spot and return the crew back to our mountain home and its awaiting hot tub for a well deserved soak. Dinners were particularly festive; it was definitely a kiter’s lodge! The menu changed daily and no one lost even an ounce of weight that week.

With two years of successful Snowkite Summit’s under their belt, the Jackson Hole Kiters and the Wyoming High Country Lodge have put the Big Horns on the map as the number one kite destination in the lower 48 states. Pencil in your December 2015 calendar: People are making plans for next year!

Thanks for Reading and Windy Regards,
Noah Poritz

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Bighorn Snowkite Summit 2014. It’s on!

BHSS Flier

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce the second annual Big Horn Snowkite Summit. Once again the snowkite tribe will gather early in the winter at the Wyoming High Country Lodge, right next to the legendary Mt. Baldy in northern Wyoming.

This years event will take place Monday, December 1st through Sunday December 7th.

This years “event” is really more of a gathering of like minded individuals. While I am sure there will be discussions in the evening at the Wyoming High Country Lodge, nothing is structured or programmed. After last year’s successful event, (in spite of the consecutive days of 30 below zero) we wanted to focus on snowkiting and having as much fun as we possibly can.  Ideas involving the progression of the sport should be hatched over a beverage of choice after a long day of kiting.

Much like last year, we need to stress that you will have to be responsible for your own safety and transportation over snow! Snowmobiles are ideal, but there will be access to snowcoaches to transport kiters to the event site.

The Basics:

When and Where: This years Bighorn Snowkite Summit will be based out of the Wyoming High Country Lodge, December 1st through December 7th.

Lodging on site requires snowmobile or snow coach access and it first come first served.

The lodge will sellout! Our gracious hosts, Howard and Cheryl Jones have made extra efforts to accommodate everyone who wants to stay on site by installing a yurt! There is an all inclusive, per day amount of $75.00 that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyone who attended last years event will attest to the fact that the food was incredible and no one went hungry! Just mention you are there for the event. If you are interested, make your reservations now by calling Cheryl and Howard at  307-529-0914! 


Additionally, breakfast, lunch & dinner at the Lodge will be available to off-site attendees. An RSVP is required if you are staying off-site & would like to take advantage of meals.

In Lovell, WY –

If you are coming for the weekend or want to stay offsite, here are the closest hotels.

Western Motel , 307-548-2781                                                                                 HorseshoeBend Motel , 307-548-2221                                                                                     Econo Inn 307-548-2725

Lovell is approximately 35 miles west of the location of the Bighorn Snowkite Summit. Parking will be available at the Crystal Creek rest area, & over-snow shuttles will be provided to & from the kite site each day. A snowmobile is advantageous, but not necessary.

For all attendees who are staying off-site, gear storage will be available at the High Country Lodge, “basecamp” for the Summit.

See you there!

Jackson Hole Kiters


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Local Roaming


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Joubaiir!Photo: Will Taggart


noun \ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən, -(ˌ)spi-\

: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone

: a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something

: a good idea

Hello fellow wind and snow junkies. Inspiration is what I have been short of this last month or two. Work has kept me busy and the kiting has not been as plentiful and epic as it has usually been this winter. Why you may ask? Because it has been dumping! The skies have not cleared long enough for a frontal style wind session in weeks. Or it has for one day and I have been unable to go. The upside is the the skiing has been super deep. Huge blower pow ski  sessions have been abundant. So much so that there was even a Noah Portiz sighting at a ski resort!

Noah In LinePhoto: Noah Portiz

But then, the boys got a one day window and ran up to Sublette Peak for a session. The picture at the top of this post reconnected me to why I think this crazy sport has so much potential. Pascal is a professional athlete at the top of his game and this is double or even triple black diamond territory. Not recommended, do not try this at home. However the undeniable level of radness in this photo should inspire anybody. Kiter or not.

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